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Fence Kick Board

Fence Kick Board

What are Fence Kick Boards?

Fence kick boards work like a concrete curb to help prevent erosion, fence damage, or animals from entering or exiting the premises. However, kick boards are more affordable and environmentally friendly than concrete, and they also look much better while blending naturally in with your fence! To prolong the lifespan of your fence and to protect against the elements, allow Rustic Fence to prepare your next kick board today!

At Rustic Fence, we can add kick boards to your preexisting fence or to a new customized order. Some of the main benefits include:

  • Preventing animals from entering or exiting from underneath Minimizing erosion problems
  • Raising your fence off of the ground to extend its lifetime

Raising your fence off of the ground ensures that the soil doesn’t erode and that your fence is protected during rainy seasons. It also keeps dogs and other animals from digging underneath your fence. By minimizing these risks, your fence will last much longer with the addition of kick boards!

To protect your property and enhance your fencing, contact Rustic Fence today for a free estimate. Since 1964, we have been creating fences for residential and commercial estates in Arlington, TX and beyond. With our experience, you are guaranteed to be satisfied with your next fence! (817) 275-2151

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