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Chain Link Cages

Chain Link Cages

Since 1964, Rustic Fence has been protecting assets at commercial and industrial enterprises in Arlington, TX and beyond. Our chain link fences are built to the highest standard with the highest grade commercial materials. Each fence is custom tailored to your property and installed by a professional crew so that you can confidently trust your investment.

Chain link cages are necessary for protecting electrical units, packages, and workers or civilians when used as safety containment enclosures. Whether you need a fence to enclose an entire room, area, or simply around certain machines, we have the tools to get it done!

All of our fences are expertly installed and secured so that you don’t have to worry about future compromises or external damage. Our long-term warranty gives you the peace of mind needed to fulfill your duties without the stress of worrying about safety.

Leaving air conditioners or other machines out in the open puts you and your business at risk. To keep workers or civilians away, you can utilize a chain link cage to limit the access. Cages also work to keep thieves and vandals away from your prized property so that you can effectively run your business.

Our chain link cages are most used in:

  • Sally Ports
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Commercial Enterprises
  • And more!
Our clients include the Texas Rangers, Six Flags, plus an assortment of businesses of all sizes throughout North Texas. For a free consultation, call us today to learn about all of our offers and customizable options. At Rustic Fence your satisfaction is our top priority! (817) 275-2151


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